Learning Outside

At Lillian de Lissa Nursery School we place equal value on learning outdoors as we do indoors.  We have an open door policy so the children can choose to play in either the classrooms or the outside environment every day. We provide wellington boots and waterproof coats and trousers so the weather does not impact on those choosing to be outside in bad weather.

We have a forest area, mud kitchen, sand pit, construction area, water play, secret garden, a covered shelter, bikes and scooters. Children are naturally drawn to playing outside and there are numerous benefits of outdoor play: it allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. Outdoor play also enables children to enjoy the natural environment, to use organic materials in imaginary play and to learn about environmental changes.

To encourage and support the development of our E.A.L children’s use of English language, we have regular sessions in the forest area to the side of the playground. This involves taking a group of children routinely to experience working in a small group, sharing ideas, taking risks, having fun and learning at their own pace in a natural environment. The children taking part in this respond extremely well to the specialised intervention and come back with a newly grown confidence.

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