Our most recent OFSTED visit and inspection was carried out in September 2018.  The visit was the first short inspection carried out since the school was judged to be good in October 2014 and we are very pleased to report the outcome.
Here are a few quotes from the report:

‘Leadership is a key strength of the school. It is dynamic and has further strengthened since the last inspection. Leaders have an exceptionally well developed understanding of every aspect of school performance.’

‘ Your determination for excellence is not only about nurturing the whole child but ensuring that they achieve at the highest standards possible. You are passionate about providing children with an excellent start to their education. You provide a clear direction and have cultivated a collective responsibility among all staff. They share your vision. Everyone understands the role they play in ensuring that every child flourishes. ‘

The inspector was of the opinion that the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement and has recommended a Section 5 inspection. This means that we will be having a longer visit by OFSTED soon.

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