Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Provision

It is the aim of our school to ensure all children are valued, respected and included, and that every child has the opportunity to access the learning curriculum and environment.

We are a flexible setting and develop our learning environments to meet the needs of our children. Our accessibility plan was devised through Standards for Inclusion and meets the Disability Duty and Equality Scheme. The Local Offer and S.E.N.D -Special Educational Needs and Disabilities documents will explain how we work to support children and families with additional needs. You can find links to these documents at the bottom of this page or on the Policies page of this web site.

Our named SENCO is Sarah Roberts (Newtown Deputy Headteacher) who is responsible for the day to day provision of education for children with SEND. The named governors with responsibility for SEND are Lorna Rose (Cluster) and Laura Brodie (Federation). Contact: 0121 675 3421.

Parents are always informed if the school is concerned about any aspect of their child’s development and permission is always obtained before we involve any other professionals.  Parents are kept informed of any discussions that take place and will always be invited to attend any relevant meetings. Your views and support are of great importance and we seek to work in partnership with you for the benefit of your child.

We have developed our learning environment to ensure that it is accessible for all children and we have a school Accessibility Plan which was developed through Standards for Inclusion and meets the Disability Duty and the Disability Equality Scheme.
Members of staff and the governing body take part in annual training: Using the Autism Education Trust (AET) Schools program: A national framework for developing provision in educational settings.

This web site shows the Local Authorities local offer: https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/localoffer  and can also give you information about support networks in our area.

Birmingham's Local Offer (SEND)

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