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Learning about numbers and counting can be really fun and involves much more then just maths. There is the language used, working memory, visualisation, experimentation and more.

Learning about shapes can also be fun for children. Along with recognising the shapes comes a range of descriptive new words for them to understand. Points, edges, straight, curved.

There are lots of playfull ways for children to pick up maths skills, for example, games, rhymes, songs, placing and arranging, pattern making, building.

Young children learn about maths through play, so here are a few ideas for you.

Maths Week 2021

We want children at our nursery school to engage with numbers everyday and see how we use them for labelling, quantifying and calculating. This is why we put numbers around the nursery environment in every place that is appropriatembers are used.

Maths Week 2021
This week we will try to spark engagement in maths with play based, fun and deep level learning. This is what children do during play anyway, so there will be a whole lot of focussed learning going on.
It has started by us asking what maths based activities the children are interested in.

I wonder what they will say? Watch this space to find out.

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Another song that teaches numbers

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