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We believe that in play a degree of risk is often beneficial, if not essential for lifelong learning. Children enjoy challenging, adventurous play opportunities where they can test themselves and extend their abilities. Giving children the chance to encounter hazards and take risks provides other benefits, such as how to assess and manage these and similar risks for themselves. Hence minor accidents and injuries are not necessarily a sign of a problem, because the value such experiences bring to children’s learning. In Nursery, children are able to take risks within a safe and planned learning environment.

In Nursery, we carry out daily risk assessments of the building and learning environments. During sessions we operate a dynamic risk assessment approach which means when a hazard is identified we look to manage the risk by putting in control measures.

For the safety of all children and staff, please follow these guidlines when on the school grounds:

Collecting your child

Parents state 4 other adults who may collect their child when they fill out our admission form. We do not let children leave with unknown adults. Let school know in advance if there is a change in the person who is collecting your child.

Safety and Security Doors

Please remember to close all outside doors when entering and leaving our school. In the interest of safety, we lock the outside door between 9.30 a.m. and 2.45 p.m. Please ring the bell if the door is locked. Please take your child into the classrooms and to their member of staff – don’t leave younger children unattended in the corridor.

Buggies and Bikes

We ask you to leave buggies and bikes in the covered area at the back of the children’s centre building (you can bring babies and toddlers into school with you). This is for safety reasons if we have to vacate the building in an emergency. We cannot accept responsibility for buggies or bikes left outside during the day.  We have a bike stand in the covered area for bikes to be secured to.


Parents cars are not allowed down the drive so please park cars on the road outside the school grounds and not in our car park. Driving through our gates and down the drive can be very dangerous as parents and children use this entrance when coming into and leaving school. We encourage walking to school whenever possible.

Smoking/drinking/drugs -dogs

All Birmingham schools are no smoking areas, and this includes the outdoor play areas and the school grounds. Please pass this information on to anyone who might collect your child from school. Alcohol and drugs are also banned from school premises. If school has a concern that an adult collecting a child is under the influence of alcohol or drugs the school will not allow the child to exit school. We also ask you not to bring dogs onto the school premises as they may soil the play areas and frighten some children.


- Storage for pushchairs is available in a buggy storage area which is along a pathway to the left of our main entrance.
- Corridors must be kept clear as they give access to the fire exits.
- Do not leave babies or younger children unattended outside in pushchairs or cars while you are in the building.

Accident procedures

If your child has an accident at school the following procedures are in place:

- The school has trained Paediatric First Aiders on site. Children are treated with comfort and support, and given any necessary first aid. The child will be monitored as necessary.
- The child’s key person is informed.
-Details of the accident are recorded in our accident books and parents are informed and given an accident slip. You will be asked to sign this accident slip.
- Sometimes your child may have an accident at Nursery when the injury may need to be monitored or further medical advice may be needed. Teaching staff will indicate this to you when they hand the accident slip over.
- Reception staff phone home to notify parents of a minor head bump. Parents are asked to monitor head bumps when their child is collected as they may require medical attention.
- In the event of an accident requiring urgent medical attention, an ambulance will be called and parents will be contacted by phone. In such an event school medical emergency procedures will be followed.
-The school has named adult first aiders.

🔴 Please inform your key person if your child has had an accident at home.


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